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mask policy

policy statement last updated september 17, 2020. policy document last updated december 8, 2020. several mask-exempt designated study spaces are available effective november 10.

policy statement

because of the covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions necessary to reduce the risk of infection, acadia university will be establishing measures to maintain a safer and healthier campus community. acadia will establish layers of health and safety measures (remote work, physical distancing, screening, handwashing, etc.) required to maintain the safety of our campus community. one such measure will be the use of non-medical masks or cloth face coverings for students, staff, faculty, contractors and visitors while on campus. students, staff, and faculty will be issued non-medical masks, but everyone is encouraged and required to have their own.

download the mask policy document (pdf) 


all students, staff, faculty, contractors and visitors must have a non-medical mask or cloth face covering with them at all times while on campus.

  1. face coverings must be worn by all students, staff and faculty in all classrooms and publicly accessible shared indoor spaces on campus as well as within university vehicles.
  2. to protect those most vulnerable, exemptions for face coverings will not be granted unless for medical reasons. a face shield is an option for those individuals that meet the criteria for mask exemptions.
  3. face coverings must be worn covering the mouth and nose.
  4. professors have the option of removing their face covering for the duration of their lecture. the face covering must be secured appropriately prior to, and after the lecture is complete, as well as when speaking with a student. at the professor’s discretion, face coverings may be removed when there is a hinderance to understanding, as long as a 2 metre (6ft) distance can be maintained. a face shield is recommended for the professor to wear during their lecture, if they choose not to wear a face covering during that time. a face shield will be supplied by the university through the safety and security department.
  5. face covering may be removed for exercise, eating, while working alone in an office, within a residence room or while outdoors if physical distancing can be maintained.
  6. one-way filter valve masks are not effective at protecting others from the spread of covid-19. therefore, no valve masks will be considered as an appropriate face covering while on the acadia university campus.
  7. cloth face coverings should be washed and fully dried after each day’s wear. appropriate cleaning of the face covering is the responsibility of the individual.
  8. the wearing of masks will be monitored by safety and security and those individuals that violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action and potentially, subsequent charges under the nova scotia emergency management act.

mask exemption

mask exemptions may be granted after the following criteria have been met.

a medical note must be provided containing the following information:

  1. the note must be provided and signed (not required for direct email from doctor’s office) by a medical professional.
  2. the note must be on official letterhead.
  3. the note must state the date.
  4. the note must have the individual’s name clearly stated.
  5. the note must verify that the individual has a medical condition that prevents them from safely wearing a mask.

this note can be provided in person to the safety and security office, mailed or emailed to the following address:

acadia campus security
room 519, acadia students’ union building
30 highland ave.
wolfville, ns,
b4p 2r6

upon meeting the above criteria, a valid mask exemption card will be issued by security. this card will be valid from september 1st, through to aug 31st of the following year. the card holder must always be in possession of the card, while on campus. to replace a lost or stolen card, please contact campus security.